Hole 1 - Out
‘The name of the hole relates to the fact that the golfer is heading out on his round. On many old links courses the golfer plays 9 holes in one direction before heading home in the other direction.

Hole 2 - Javelin
‘As the hole is almost dead straigt, the name is inspired by the Javelin which was an ancient type of spear. It could be thrown with great accuracy – and as this hole calls for straight and accurate shots, ‘Javelin’ is a fitting name.’

Hole 3 - Short
A beautiful and challenging par 3.‘This hole is the shortest hole (from the regular tees) on the golf course. In many ways it is the opposite of the ‘Long’ hole and therefore ‘Short’ is a fitting name.’

Hole 4 – Road Hole
‘A narrow par 5 which runs paralell to the entrance road requires both accurracy and distance. The longer hitters can reach this green in two but a heavy sloped green requires putting from the right spot.

Hole 5 – Windy
‘This downhill par 3 is played from one of the most windy corners of the course. The correct Club selection and shot making is vital’, often into a prevailing side wind from raised tees makes this tee shot a challenge.

Hole 6 – Risk n’- Hope
‘No need to use the driver here. Accurracy is everything on this beautiful short par 4. Any wayward shot will be penalized by the slopes surrounding this hole to the right and all around the green. A well strucked tee shot set up a short iron and should give a good birdie chance.

Hole 7 - The Centaur
‘The name of the hole is derived from the legendary Centaur which was half horse, half human. The name of the hole is inspired by the two different fairways which the golfer can aim at from the tee – it is almost like this hole has two different characters.’

Hole 8 – Rock ‘n Roll
‘The name of this downhill dogleg left par 4 is inspired from the ‘rock’ on the right side of the hole and of the Rolling fairway contours. Any shot to the left will be punished so keep right for for a rock n’ roll.

Hole 9 - Long
‘This hole is named long as it is the longest hole on the course. Many historical golf courses have their longest hole named ‘Long’ and this hole is a fitting tribute to that history.

Hole 10 – Heaven or Hell
‘The first hole on the 2nd nine has got it’s name inspired from the true role that the second nine holes on this course can play. This straight forward par 4 sets the pace of a challenging nine holes in beautiful nature’

Hole 11 – Amen
This dogleg right downhill par 4 is built on two different plateaus. After a well placed tee shot
An approach shot over a ravine into a cornerned green awaits. The name is suitable as most golfers are will be smiling ones this hole is pared and over.

Hole 12 - The Siren
One to remember! Don’t be seduced by the beauty of this hole as this short and spectacular par 3 still puts up a fight! Be careful attacking a pin on the left side of the green.
‘The name of this hole is inspired by the Sirens who used their beauty and songs to captivate the interest of men. In this way they were distracted from the dangers that lay ahead and often suffered a cruel fate as a result. As a golfer you must be careful not to be distracted by the beauty – but keep focussed on the challenge that lies ahead!’

Hole 13 – Vegas
This narrow, sharp downhill par 4 requires both skills and luck!

Hole 14 – Make sure
This uphill par 5 is named ‘Make sure’ for a reason. Poor shots will be punished with trouble lurking in almost every direction. For the brave one this hole can be a good birdie chance – but can also lead to plenty of trouble.

Hole 15 - Dire Straits
‘Dire Straits mean that you are in a very precarious position’ A long dogleg right par 4
ends a demanding streech of holes. The green is placed in the furthest corner of the course and it’s time to head homewards.

Hole 16 – Burma road
The name of this straight forward par 5 has is inspired from the road to the left of the hole.
The name Burma road has been used many times thru the history and this hole is one to remember. Long and demanding hole but with a striking view of the ‘Valley’.

Hole 17 - Coffin
This uphill par 3 requires an extra club as you do not want to be short. All short shots will roll back into the ‘coffin’ short of the green.‘This hole is named after the coffin like bunker in front of the green that will collect all shots that are short of the green.’

Hole 18 - Home
Almost home. There is room enough in the fairway to hit a big drive before trying to reach the final green which sits slightly elevated in a beautiful natural green location surrounded with dangerous slopes on both sides.
‘As the first hole is ‘Out’, the last hole must be ‘Home’. It is a tradition on many historical clubs to have ‘Home’ as the name for the final hole.’

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